(scroll down to the bottom of this page for that FOX 10 news report video about APS ending the solar program and other related videos)

Or watch Frank in the video below… he’s retired, on a fixed income, and has had solar for several months now.  We go over his actual ‘after solar’ APS bills probably


  • Have a $10-$20 APS Bill

  • Get your overall power costs to $75-$150 (depending on size of your home and how cool you keep it in the summer)

  • And get the best solar rate that never goes up (0.0% yearly increase)

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If you have APS then you probably know you have less than 6 weeks to get the best solar deal you can and get your power bill the LOWEST amount possible.  Watch the FOX 10 News Report Below.

Here is a 1 minute time lapse of a Sunrun installation

(taken by a happy customer)

Pictures of Me And Some of  My Happy Customers That Love Their Lower Power Bills

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